Data collection is a very important part of science. Meteorologists collect weather data, such as barometric pressure, to keep an historical record and to study changing trends in our environment. While data have been collected by hand for thousands of years, the technology to collect data electronically has been around for fewer than 80 years. Only in the last 40 years has this technology been available in classrooms. 

In this experiment, you will learn how to set up the Go Direct® Gas Pressure Sensor and Graphical Analysis 4 data-collection app to collect data over time. You will then explore how the gas pressure sensor works.


  • Learn how to set up time-based data collection in Graphical Analysis 4.
  • Learn about the Go Direct® Gas Pressure Sensor.
  • Use Graphical Analysis 4 and a pressure sensor to collect data.
  • Analyze data in a graph and a table.