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Logger Pro 3.14 Update

Logger Pro 3.14 is now available for download. Logger Pro 3.14 is a free update to all Logger Pro 3 users.

Version 3.14 Features

Download the update »

LabQuest 2.7.2 Update

We’re pleased to release the latest update for LabQuest 2. The version 2.7.2 update is free and recommended for all LabQuest users. Download LabQuest 2.7.2 Update »

Logger Pro 3.13 Update

Logger Pro 3.13 is now available for download. Logger Pro 3.13 is a free update to all Logger Pro 3 users.

Version 3.13 Features

Download the update »

NEW Fluorescence UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

Vernier Fluorescence/UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Our affordable Fluorescence/UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, designed specifically for upper-level college chemistry courses, allows students to easily and accurately conduct quinine sulfate, DAPI, GFP, and tryptophan fluorescence experiments. Learn more about the Vernier Fluorescence/UV-VIS Spectrophotometer »

Use Vernier Sensors with Google Science Journal

Google Science Journal app With the Science Journal, your students can organize their ideas into projects, make predictions, take notes, collect data in multiple trials, and then annotate results. Simply connect one of over 48 compatible sensors with the Go Wireless® Link or connect Go Wireless Heart Rate to begin wirelessly streaming data to your Android device. Learn more about using Vernier sensors with Google Science Journal »

Electronic Versions of Lab Books

Vernier lab books

Our award-winning lab books are now available as eco-friendly electronic downloads in addition to the traditional print format.

When you purchase the electronic version of a lab book, you receive

  • Access to the most up-to-date versions of experiments on all supported software including Logger Pro 3, LabQuest App, Graphical Analysis 4 (when available), and EasyData (when available)
  • Word-processing files of the student pages so you can edit the experiments to match your teaching style
  • PDF files of all experiments for easy viewing on tablets and mobile devices
  • Teacher information PDF files including sample data and graphs, a complete materials and supplies list, and other supplemental resources
  • A generous site license—purchase once and share files with other instructors in your school or college department
  • Easy access to all of the books you have purchased when signed in to your Vernier account

Additional benefits of the electronic versions of our lab books

  • Save money by not paying for printing and shipping
  • No need for a CD drive

Browse our library of lab books »

Introducing Go Direct® Sensors

Go Direct sensors

Wired or wireless—you have the flexibility to choose. Our Go Direct sensors connect directly to Chromebooks, mobile devices, or computers. With both USB and wireless connectivity, you have the freedom to connect to a wide variety of platforms. That’s boundless versatility, simplicity, and opportunity for exploration.

Pioneering new technology to collect, analyze, and interpret data is central to our mission to inspire scientific curiosity in students around the world.

Go Direct is perfect for educators who

  • Are new to probeware
  • Plan to equip a new science laboratory
  • Need an affordable solution that includes free software and all-in-one sensors
  • Are using computers, Chromebooks, and mobile devices for data collection
  • Teach chemistry, middle school science, or physical science—hundreds of ready-to-use experiments

Go Direct sensors are backed by Stellar Service from Vernier, which means that you will have award-winning technical support, 24/7 access to our online technical information library and videos, hands-on workshops, webinar training, and a community that provides best practices and innovative uses of probeware.

See the 16 new Go Direct sensors »

LabQuest 1.7.5 Update

We’re pleased to release the latest update for Original LabQuest. The version 1.7.5 update is free and recommended for all LabQuest users.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Support for revised Thermocouple
  • Support for SKX series Ohaus Balances
  • Modified default behavior with multiple sensors to use the highest rate and shortest duration
Download LabQuest 1.7.5 Update »

Logger Pro 3.12 Update

Logger Pro 3.12 is now available for download. Logger Pro 3.12 is a free update to all Logger Pro 3 users.

Version 3.12 Features

Download the update »

Graphical Analysis 3.0 for iOS

We’re pleased to release the latest update for Graphical Analysis app for iOS. The version 3.0 update is free from the App Store. Graphical Analysis for iOS now works with LabQuest Stream, a multi-channel interface with Bluetooth® technology that is compatible with more than 80 Vernier sensors, including Motion Detectors and our Microphone. Graphical Analysis app »
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