KidWind Dowels

KidWind Dowels

KidWind Dowels


These dowels are used for designing and testing wind turbine blades and fit into the Wind Turbine Hub.

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These dowels are used for designing and testing wind turbine blades, and they fit into the KidWind Wind Turbine Hub. Students can design blades using materials like balsa wood or chipboard sheets, and attach their blades to the 1/4-inch dowels using glue or tape.

These dowels, along with blade material, are the only “consumable” parts of a wind turbine blade design experiment.

We’re proud to say that our supplier, Atlas Dowel, is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified!


  • Diameter: 0.25 in
  • Length: 5 in




Consumable. Warranted on arrival only.

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