Meet Our Newly Enhanced App:
Vernier Graphical Analysis™ Pro

We've reimagined our award‑winning
Vernier Graphical Analysis™ app to meet the needs of today’s educators. The Pro version features the ability for you and your students to perform live experiments and share the data over the internet in real time. Whether learning happens remotely or in person, your students can experience real experiments and think critically as they analyze and graph data.

Why Use Graphical Analysis Pro?

With Graphical Analysis Pro, educators can create experiments and share the data with students in real time. Seeing data collected right before their eyes gives students the ability to connect abstract concepts to real-world applications. 

The enhanced features of Graphical Analysis Pro help students experience three-dimensional learning. As always, we strive to make your job as an educator easier. This is why we created a wide variety of videos with sample experiments synced with data and complete instructions that cover common topics in biology, chemistry, physics, and middle school science.

Key Features

  • Graphical Analysis Pro includes all the features of the Graphical Analysis app, plus enhanced features for more advanced analysis.
  • The included sample experiments with synced data covers common topics from biology, chemistry, physics, and middle school science. This provides educators with ready-to-use, rich content for their students to explore and analyze.
  • Graphical Analysis Pro is compatible with most Vernier sensors, so educators can continue to use them, even as students learn from home.
  • Our app is compatible with multiple computer operating systems and mobile device platforms—including Chromebooks, which provides flexibility and cost savings, as students can use their own device for analysis.
  • Graphical Analysis Pro offers an intuitive interface making it easy to use and get started.
  • As always, we offer great customer service from the experts on our technical support team.

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Explore this new application with a free 30-day trial and discover how you can use it to help inspire your students in science.

See Examples

Videos synchronized with sensor data help students understand experiment phenomena like simple harmonic motion. 

With the included sample experiments, students can experience an experiment like Boyle’s Law even when lab equipment is unavailable.


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