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Vernier Graphical Analysis® Support

Software Update

Download the latest update to Graphical Analysis for enhancements, bug fixes, and new features.

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Available on the Chrome web store
  • Available on the App Store
  • Available on the Google Play Store

User Manual

Download our full user manual for an overview and instructions on the features in Graphical Analysis.

Sample Experiment Downloads

Ball toss graph on Graphical Analysis 4
Ball Toss
Boyle's Law graph on Graphical Analysis 4
Boyle's Law
Coulomb's Law graph on Graphical Analysis 4
Coulomb's Law
Crystal violet kinetics graph on Graphical Analysis 4
Crystal Violet Kinetics
Periodic table on Graphical Analysis 4
Periodic Table
Plant transpiration graph on Graphical Analysis 4
Plant Transpiration


Select a Region

Select a region for additional data analysis

  1. Click or tap and drag across the graph to select a region
  2. If needed, drag the boundary lines to resize the region

Apply a Curve Fit to a Selected Region

Analyze a selection of your data

  1. Select a region
  2. Click or tap the Graph Tools button
  3. Select a curve fit model
  4. Click or tap outside the selection tool to view the equation

Change Sensor Units

Change sensor units for sensors that support multiple units (Chromebooks and computers only)

  1. Click or tap the sensor meter to view sensor options
  2. Select the desired units from the Units drop down
  3. Click or tap off the popover to dismiss the tool

Note: Changing units affects all data associated with a sensor including data already collected. The data table is updated accordingly.

About Graphical Analysis

Graphical Analysis 4

Graphical Analysis empowers your students to focus on the science by asking questions, defining problems, drawing predictions, analyzing data, constructing explanations, and drawing conclusions. Learn more about Graphical Analysis »

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Find answers to common issues and questions with Graphical Analysis. See our troubleshooting and FAQ guide »

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