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KidWind Challenges

Help Your Students Compete and Build Confidence

KidWind Challenges consist of wind turbine and solar structure competitions for students. KidWind hosts the competition at events and online. Vernier is proud to provide assistance to KidWind Challenges. Additionally, a portion of every KidWind product purchase supports KidWind Challenges throughout the US.

Set Up Your Students for Success

When students participate in the KidWind Challenge, they will

  • Discover the promises and limitations of wind energy technology.
  • Design a functional wind turbine based on their knowledge of wind energy.
  • Create a wind turbine of their own and test its performance.
  • Compete against peers for the most creative and functional turbine. 

Get Your Students Involved in KidWind Challenges

KidWind Challenges provide students with an important opportunity to put their creativity, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of scientific concepts to work to create wind turbines and solar structures. Students leave these competitions with a deep understanding of how renewable energy works and how important this science is for a sustainable future. 

Check out these resources below if you would like to help your students get involved in solar and wind KidWind Challenges in your area or learn how to host a competition of your own.


Participate in KidWind Challenges

Students can participate in KidWind Challenges either online or at scheduled in-person events. For more information on how your students can participate, visit the KidWind Challenge plan web page.

Before your students get started, it is helpful to have a full understanding of the official rules for building structures for these competitions. 

Bring KidWind Challenges to You

If there are no regional KidWind Challenges in your area, you can bring KidWind to you. To learn more about how to build a KidWind Challenge in your area, reach out to KidWind.


Go Direct Energy Makes It Easy to Measure Power Output

The Go Direct® Energy Sensor quantifies the voltage, current, power, energy output, and total energy production of small wind turbines and solar panels, such as those used in KidWind Challenges. This sensor helps students better understand the scientific concepts behind renewable energy through data collection.
A Note About KidWind and Science Fair Projects

The KidWind Challenges are designed to help students gain a deep understanding of STEM concepts through hands-on science and data collection. While KidWind products could serve as a student’s science fair project, we leave the problem solving surrounding these challenges up to the students.