Inspire Students to Investigate Renewable Energy with KidWind

KidWind products help students investigate the science and technology of renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy. With our lab equipment, sensors, software, and investigations, students can explore engineering concepts and quantify energy production of small wind turbines and solar panels. A portion of all sales of KidWind products support the KidWind Challenges held throughout the US.

Sharpen Design Skills

  • Explore blade design concepts such as pitch, area, mass, quantity, and more.
  • Build basic wind turbines and solar structures and test for energy production.

Encourage Critical Thinking

  • Investigate how the angle of solar panels affect power output.
  • Foster a deep understanding of how energy transformations work.

Featured KidWind Experiments

Exploring Wind Turbines

For thousands of years, people have been harnessing wind energy to do work—from traveling around the world on sailing ships to milling grain using windmills....
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Featured KidWind Products

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Recommended Classroom Setup

We recommend three set-ups for a classroom with 6–10 groups of 2–4 students. Each setup should have a box fan, a wind turbine tower and base, a Vernier interface, a Go Direct Energy Sensor, and either a Vernier Variable Load or a Vernier Resistor Board. Each group needs a Blade Pitch Protractor, a Wind Turbine Hub, and blade consumables.