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KidWind Products for Renewable Energy

Students work use a Vernier energy sensor to measure energy production from a wind turbine.

Wind and solar energy experiment kits and parts for KidWind projects, challenges, and competitions



Renewable Energy with Vernier
Renewable Energy with Vernier
Grades 7-12
The Renewable Energy with Vernier lab book features 26 experiments in wind and solar energy. The lab book contains a combination of explorations, traditional experiments, inquiry investigations, engineering projects, and more.
Investigating Wind Energy
Investigating Wind Energy
Grades 4-6
The Investigating Wind Energy lab book contains 10 hands-on, engaging wind energy experiments for elementary students and a culminating wind energy engineering project.
Investigating Solar Energy
Investigating Solar Energy
Grades 4-6
The Investigating Solar Energy book contains nine hands-on experiments and two culminating engineering projects that allow elementary students to learn about solar energy and develop solutions to real-world problems.
Wind Energy Explorations
Wind Energy Explorations
Grades 4-8
Wind Energy Explorations consists of nine wind energy experiments for students to study renewable energy and wind power and practice engineering design.
Solar Energy Explorations
Solar Energy Explorations
Grades 4-8
Solar Energy Explorations consists of eight solar energy experiments for students to study renewable energy and solar power while practicing engineering design.

Data Collection with KidWind and Vernier

KidWind and Vernier offer a perfect solution for data collection for renewable energy and the Science and Engineering Practices for the Next Generation Science Standards.

Recommended Classroom Set-Up

We recommend three set-ups for a classroom with 6–10 groups of 2–4 students. Each set-up should have a box fan, a wind turbine tower and base, a Vernier interface, a Vernier Energy Sensor, and either a Vernier Variable Load or a Vernier Resistor Board. Each group needs a Blade Pitch Protractor, a Wind Turbine Hub, and blade consumables.

Which KidWind Kit Should I Buy?

I Teach I Should Buy
K-3 KidWind MINI Wind Turbine
4-6 KidWind MINI Wind Turbine with Blade Design
6-8 KidWind Basic Wind Experiment Kit
High School KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit
University Choose an option:
I Want To I Should Buy
Lift weights Choose an option:
Light an LED Any of the following:
Make a sound Choose an option:
Pump water KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit
Build a wind farm KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit
Use the Renewable Energy with Vernier lab book See recommended products »
Use the Investigating Wind Energy lab book See recommended products »
Use the Investigating Solar Energy lab book See recommended products »
Participate in a KidWind Challenge See recommended products »

KidWind by Vernier

KidWind Logo

Kidwind Project—Teaching the World about Wind

KidWind and Vernier have teamed up to bring you the latest in renewable energy education. For over a decade, KidWind has been a leader in renewable energy education and the delivery of STEM education. Their standards-based educational tools explore the science and technology of wind, solar, and other forms of renewable energy and their impact on the environment.

Through KidWind’s extensive training network, teacher trainings, and student wind turbine design competitions, KidWind brings hands-on applications of their materials to teachers and students worldwide.

Vernier technology is used at KidWind trainings and KidWind Challenges. It allows participants to explore electrical concepts and quantify energy and power of small wind turbines and solar power. A portion of all sales of KidWind products supports the KidWind Challenges held throughout the U.S.

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