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mBot STEM Classroom Kit by Makeblock®

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With the mBot STEM Classroom Kit, a complete robotics kit, students can create anything—from a simple mBot to a complex robotics system. The mBot STEM Classroom Kit is sold exclusively by Vernier and is available to schools in the United States only.


The mBot STEM Classroom Kit contains all the parts needed to construct a base mBot robot or to expand into other projects with the included Perception Gizmos and Variety Gizmos Add-On Packs. Advanced students can use the Arduino®-based mCore microcontroller with the sensors, output devices, and mechanical parts to create their own robotic systems.

Easily incorporate the mBot STEM Classroom Kit into your lesson plans with the Coding with mBot: Life Hacks activities module, available February 2019.

Vernier Exclusive: STEM Activities Module

Coding with mBot: Life Hacks (Electronic Download)

Included with your purchase of mBot STEM Classroom Kit is our comprehensive STEM activities module, Coding with mBot: Life Hacks. With our Coding with mBot: Life Hacks activities you and your students will successfully learn to program mBot to solve a number of practical problems using robotics and coding. As students progress through the activities they build upon their basic coding and troubleshooting skills. This activity module download is based on the free mBlock 5 software for computers and Chromebooks.

Coding with mBot: Life Hacks activities module will be available as a download in February 2019.

mBlock Software

mBlock programming software enables beginners to simply drag-and-drop command blocks to program their mBot without a need for coding experience.

Download mBlock software »

What’s Included

  • Blue mBot robot (includes mCore microcontroller)
    • Ultrasonic sensor
    • Me line-follower sensor
    • IR receiver
    • Light sensor
    • Buzzer
    • IR transmitter
    • Right and left drive motors
    • 2 – RGB LED
    • Button
  • Variety Gizmos Add-On Pack
    • RJ25 Adapter Module
    • RGB LED Module
    • Seven-segment serial display
    • Servo pack
    • 1 Micro Switches (touch sensor)
  • Perception Gizmos Add-On Pack
    • Temperature and humidity sensor
    • Potentiometer
    • Sound sensor
    • Motor pack (fan)
    • LED Matrix (8 x 16)
  • IR remote controller
  • Line-following course
  • Coding with mBot: Life Hacks activities module (available February 2019)

Note: Batteries are not included. Four AA batteries or the mBot 3.7 V LiPo Battery are required to power the mCore microcontroller.

Ordering Information

  • All prices are for U.S. educators.
  • Vernier is permitted to sell mBot only in the U.S.
  • mBot purchase includes Vernier's Coding with mBot: Life Hacks activities module.
NameOrder CodePriceQuantity
mBot STEM Classroom KitMBOT-KIT$159.99
Optional Accessories
Makeblock Bluetooth® DongleMB-BLE$14.99
mBot 3.7 V LiPo BatteryMBOT-BAT$9.99


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