Help your students learn how to organize, express, and share their ideas in a whole new way through coding. With Makeblock® robots and exclusive STEM activities from Vernier, your students will learn coding skills as they program robots to interact with the physical world.

Prepare Your Students for the Future with Makeblock®

The benefits of coding go beyond just preparing for high school and future careers. Makeblock coding and robotics solutions are designed to help students sharpen critical thinking skills and build confidence.

Why Choose Makeblock​

With a variety of robots suited for learners from elementary to high school, Makeblock helps educators do the following:

  • Help students establish the foundational skills they will need to succeed in the future.
  • Challenge students to organize, express, and share ideas in a whole new way.
  • Extend students’ computer skills beyond the screen and into the real world.
  • Give students the opportunity to solve a number of practical problems using robotics and coding.

Featured Experiment Ideas with Makeblock

Surviving the Desert of Mars

One of the biggest challenges to living on Mars is water—there just isn’t a lot of it! The majority of the planet is covered in desert. While there is evidence that liquid water once flowed on the surface of Mars, most of the known water on the planet is frozen at the north and south poles.

Since most human settlements will be started closer to the equator where it is warmer, far separated from water, one idea is to build a fleet of water-retrieving robots. Human settlers could mount an expedition to the pole, marking a safe route there and back. Then, they could program robots to make the trip by themselves, crawling across the Martian surface, collecting ice chunks from the pole, and returning to the settlement.

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Security and Emergency Systems

In this activity, students simulate various security and emergency systems using different sensors and devices on mBot:

  • A car alarm (triggered by the Line-Follower Sensor)
  • A security system (requires a “keyless entry” code be entered on the IR Remote Control)
  • The sirens and warning lights on an emergency vehicle (using the Buzzer and the LEDs) Students also learn to use mBlock’s “timer” block to control code execution.
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Makeblock Software

Makeblock’s colorful and modularized drag-and-drop graphical blocks make it easy for novice users to program the educational Makeblock robots. Based on the popular block-based programming language Scratch, Makeblock software and mobile device apps have enough flexibility to accommodate both beginner and advanced coding students.