Remote Learning Solutions

Keep Students Engaged in STEM with Remote Learning Solutions

As the educational world continues to reel from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to let you know that we’re here to help. 

Every day, more and more schools are closing due to COVID-19. We know that educators and administrators are scrambling to find remote learning solutions because they’re having to transition their classes to an online format with no prep time.

We have put together several resources that may be useful in the event of a school closure.

Below, explore available resources including the Vernier Video Analysis app, Pivot Interactives, and our free experiments with sample data.

Extended Free Trial through June 2020

Vernier Video Analysis app is a physics-focused tool where students can use their mobile devices to insert their own videos with recorded motion, mark points to track the object in motion, and set the scale of the video. This app brings physics and video analysis to all your students regardless of their location. An extended free trial is available through June 2020.

Free Trial, Reduced Price

Pivot Interactives is a video-based science learning environment. With over 200 interactive activities, the high-quality videos from Pivot Interactives give your students the opportunity to observe and study hard-to-replicate experiments and phenomena no matter where they are. A free 30-day trial and reduced subscription pricing are now available.


To help ensure students continue to sharpen their critical-thinking skills and learn key scientific concepts during this precarious time, Vernier has put together over 200 free experiments with sample data files covering many subjects that you can distribute to your students at home. Though students won’t be performing the experiments themselves, they can perform their own analysis of the sample data and answer questions based on their results.

Free E-book Download through June 2020

The experiments in this lab book cover a wide selection of video analysis activities for introductory physics at the high school or college level. Physics with Video Analysis contains activities designed exclusively for Logger Pro.


Students love to code, so to help support them we’ve gathered a group of free, engaging Scratch-based coding activities with varying levels of difficulty that can be done at home. Each activity includes step-by-step instructions for students and educators.

Partner Resources

Free through June 2020

ADInstruments and Vernier have joined forces to create an interactive biology course designed for college instructors to use in their remote learning instruction. A collection of experiments with sample data derived from our three biology lab books helps educators teach crucial scientific concepts such as enzymes. The intuitive Lt interface makes for a richer online experience for students and educators alike.

Free through July 2020

To help provide relief for instructors and students, LabArchives has made their innovative learning platform free through July 2020. You can use Lab Builder, the robust content library by LabArchives, to customize these experiments easily using a digital laboratory notebook and course management tools. You can also access Lab Builder, the robust content library by LabArchives, to customize the experiments for different lab setups, equipment, and learning objectives.