Yes, there are several ways Vernier products can be used to assist students with disabilities.

1. New versions of Logger Pro have several features that will help blind or low-vision students take sensor readings. These options are accessed on the File/Accessibility menu item. They include the ability to print with embossing printers. For details, see:

2. New versions of Logger Pro also work in combination with screen reader software such as Window-Eyes and JAWS. Blind or low-vision students can select menu items, get sensor readings announced, read data tables, audio trace the graph, etc. For details, see:

3. Independence Science has been working with us for several years on ways to make data collection accessible for blind and low-vision students. Now, they have added speech to the LabQuest 2. The Talking LabQuest2 will now announce sensor measurements and read off data from its data table. An accessible, periodic table is also included on the Talking LabQuest 2. See:
How do I buy a Talking LabQuest 2 unit?

For more info or contact Independence Science:

Independence Science LLC
3000 Kent Ave
West Lafayette, IN 47906
Phone: (866) 862-9665
Fax: (765) 807-8665


Where can I get VPAT forms for Vernier products?