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In some cases, you may have limited success. We have not tested our software in a thin client environments, nor have we designed it to work in such an environment. The main difference between our software and other programs is that it needs to be able to address local hardware in order to work. When the software resides on a server, the definition of “local” gets confusing.

We have spoken with some schools that have tried. Many had trouble with the configuration in order to allow the client to address local devices. If Citrix or Xen Works whatever software is set properly, you can (in theory) virtualize the USB ports. However, many data collection modes do not work.

If you are using USB, make sure the environment is set up so the clients address local USB ports rather than those on the server. If you are using LabPro via serial, assign your COM port a value between 1 and 4. (Logger Pro when can only address COM ports 1-4.)

We recommend that you do extensive testing of all lab activities in your curriculum before committing to a thin environment. In some environments, although the USB seems to behave initially, the connection is unstable. The connection also usually does not support the different data collection modes in Logger Pro, which means that only a limited number of experiments from our lab books can be performed.

Can I install Logger Pro 3 to run from a server or network location?
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