The easiest way to import the Vernier VernierLib or GDXLib libraries is to follow these steps. While connected to the internet:
– Open the Arduino IDE.
– From the Sketch menu, choose Include Library, then Manage Libraries.
– A Library Manager interface will open. Type Vernier into the search.
– Select either VernierLib or GDXLib Click Install.

Note that the VernierLib library supports using our analog, wired, BTA sensors with Arduino and the GDXLIb library supports using our Go-Direct (GDX) Bluetooth senosors with certain Arduinos.

Another option is to manually move the VernierLib or GDXLib folder to the appropriate place on the computer. On Windows or Mac, that is the Documents/Arduino/Libraries Folder.

On Linux, it is Sketchbook/Libraries, but we have not succeed in getting our VernierLib library to work on Linux. The issue seems to be with the wire library, which VernierLib uses for I2C communication with the sensors. Note that the Arduino IDE and the Vernier Shield work fine on a Linux computer, even on a Raspberry Pi. The issue is just with the autoID communication via I2C. Customers can write programs to read the voltage from an analog sensor and then you math operations to convert the raw voltage into a sensor reading.

To access the latest version of the libraries go to: or

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