Vernier Arduino® Interface Shield

Vernier Arduino® Interface Shield

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Vernier Arduino® Interface Shield


The Vernier Arduino Interface Shield provides a convenient way to make connections from Arduino microcontrollers to Vernier sensors.


The Vernier Arduino Interface Shield plugs directly on top of the Arduino and adds two BTA (analog) and two BTD (digital) sockets. This shield was developed to be used with the SparkFun Arduino RedBoard but will work with the Arduino Uno and other Uno equivalents like the Leonardo. It also works with the Intel Galileo.

Sample code is provided on the Vernier website, which will support auto-ID for all Vernier sensors and will get you started with writing your own data-collection programs. Works with over 80 Vernier sensors with BTA and BTD connectors.

Technical Specifications

Vernier Arduino Interface Shield

  • 2 analog sensor ports (BTA sockets)
  • 2 digital sensor ports (BTD sockets)
  • Reset button
  • General-purpose button
  • Indicator LED
  • Includes a multiplexer to allow auto-ID to work on both channels (both analog and digital)

Supported Microcontrollers


What's Included

Arduino is sold separately.


AccessoryOrder CodePriceQuantity
SparkFun® RedBoard with cableARD-RED$25.00

Compatible Sensors

Supported Sensors

Compatibility Notes

  1. This interface can only collect acceleration data from two axes.
  2. Requires advanced programming for data collection
  3. Requires a Motion Detector Cable to connect to a DIG port on the interface
  4. You can only read the raw count/raw voltage output by this sensor. You must do the programming to convert to proper sensor units.
  5. Requires a Heart Rate Receiver to connect to an interface
  6. Use with an electrode such as a pH Sensor, Conductivity Probe, or ORP Sensor.



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