Below are a list of sensors that DO NOT work with an EasyLink. For a list of sensors that do work with an EasyLink, see the
Compatible Sensors tab on the EasyLink web page.

The list indicates the EasyLink limitation followed by the sensors that do not work based on that limitation.

  1.  EasyLink has only one sensor port  
    • 3-Axis Accelerometer – any single channel (X, Y, or Z) works
    • Diffraction Apparatus – light sensor works, linear position does not
    • Polarimeter (Chemical) – light sensor works; angular position does not
    • Vernier Structures and Materials Tester (VSMT) – force sensor works; displacement does not
  2. EasyLink only supports analog sensors
    • Digital Control Unit – digital sensor
    • Drop Counter – digital sensor
    • Motion Detector – digital sensor
    • Motion Encoder System – digital sensor
    • Photogate – digital sensor
    • Projectile Launcher – digital sensor
    • Radiation Monitor – digital sensor
    • Rotary Motion Sensor – digital sensor
  3. EasyLink maximum sample rate 200 Hz
    • Microphone – Typical sample rate is 8000 Hz
  4. EasyLink cannot provide enough current
    • Ethanol Sensor
    • Force Plate (new version shipped starting November 2023) – older Force Plate works
    • Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
  5. Unsupported in calculator app
    • Blood Pressure Sensor – Not supported with EasyData; works with DataQuest
    • Power Amplifier – Can measure internal current, but cannot drive the amplifier

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