Cart Guide (CGUIDE-10)


  1. If there is too much friction between the cart and the Cart Guide, check that the thin plastic film has been removed from both large surfaces of the Cart Guide. Leaving the protective film on the Cart Guide can impede the cart’s motion.
  2. Be sure the anti-roll peg is removed from the cart when using the Cart Guide.
  3. If over time the edges of the Cart Guide become rough or ragged, the edges can be smoothed or deburred by gentle application of sandpaper. If the edges of a brand-new Cart Guide are quite rough or ragged, please contact Vernier technical support.

Supported Carts

Not recommended for use with Motion Encoder carts Motion Encoder Cart (DTS-CART-MEC).


  • Length: 101 cm
  • Width: 5.7 cm
  • Thickness: 0.23 cm
  • Mass: ~160 g

Marking on the Cart Guide

You can mark the Cart Guide with a dry-erase or wet-erase marker. If the Cart Guide is marked with a permanent marker and you wish to remove the marks, you can write over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker and erase it.

Cleaning the Cart Guide

The Cart Guide can be wiped clean with a soft, damp cloth. It is safe to use rubbing alcohol to clean the Cart Guide if needed.

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