Plunger Cart

Plunger Cart

Plunger Cart


These low-friction carts are designed to study motion and collisions on the Vernier Dynamics Track.


The Plunger Cart has a spring-loaded plunger for collisions, including superelastic collisions. A top tray has inserts for attaching the Dual-Range Force Sensor, Low-g Accelerometer, and Wireless Dynamics Sensor System. Removable inserts allow rapid configuration of magnets or hook-and-pile tabs for collision study. Vernier carts are also compatible with other common carts and tracks.

What's Included

  • Plunger cart
  • Mounting hardware for force sensor and accelerometer
  • Magnetic and hook-and-pile end caps


Optional AccessoryOrder CodePriceQuantity
Friction Pad DTSDTS-PAD$32.00
Mass DTSDTS-MASS$16.00
Motion Detector Reflector FlagDTS-FLAG$9.00
Eddy Current BrakeDTS-ECB$19.00



5-year limited warranty

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