This limitation only affects LabPro. LabQuest platforms and interfaces (all models) are unaffected.

A photogate and an analog sensor such as a force sensor are in use together, and both have live readouts that behave normally. However, on data collection, no points are collected. In every case, the user has clicked stop before data collection ends.

The behavior is frequently encountered with the Centripetal Force Apparatus (CFA).

When collecting simultaneous photogate and analog data, there are modes that can cause loss of photogate data if the stop button is used to end data collection.

At some faster analog data rates (more than 10 Hz) the photogate information is not retrieved until data collection ends by time running out. If you click stop, no photogate data will be retrieved. The solution is to not click stop.

In simple time-based data collection, photogate event times will not line up with analog sensor readings, since the gate events will not exactly correspond to the regularly-spaced analog readings. This is normal and correct.