This information is about annual licenses for Graphical Analysis Pro and Vernier Video Analysis sold starting in January 2023. There is also information about legacy licenses available.

How do your annual licenses work? 

An annual site license covers all the students, faculty and staff at your K-12 school, or your entire academic department at the post-secondary level. For example, if your college has a physics department, one site license covers all students, faculty and staff in the physics department. Schools with multiple physical sites require a license for each site. 

Site licenses are valid for a duration of one year (or more, depending on which subscription you choose to purchase) from the date that you first activate the license. Renewals are available. 

Do you have K-12 district licenses? 

Yes. District site licenses are available. Please request a quote.

What if I only have a few students needing to use Graphical Analysis Pro and Vernier Video Analysis? 

Site licenses provide the best value for most schools and departments. However, in the case of only a few students using the software, a small number of individual licenses may be less expensive. Schools buying individual licenses must purchase enough to cover the maximum number of student and instructor users in a single term. A different set of students might use those individual licenses in a subsequent term, but the license will expire one year after activation unless renewed. Students may use the app on any device. You may buy as few as a single license. 

Does the instructor need a license? 

All instructor use is covered in site licenses. If you have purchased single licenses, you will need to purchase a separate license for each instructor using the app. 

I’d like to have students buy their licenses directly from Vernier. 

We are working on a solution to allow direct purchase. Check back late in 2024 for additional information. 

I bought individual licenses but now I need more. Can I get more, or upgrade to a site license? 

Call us. Schools with site licenses never need to count seats or worry about upgrades. 

Why do I have an activation code? How is that different from a license key? 

In order to provide flexibility in deploying licenses for our apps, we are providing activation codes. These codes do not unlock the apps, but they are instead used to obtain or to renew a license key. The expiration date of a license key is determined from the date the key is activated, and not from when the activation code is purchased. In this way you can purchase a code and choose your own start date. 

Activation codes do not expire. Activation codes are all upper case and are of the form GAP-ABCDEFGH and VVA-ABCDEFGH. License keys, in contrast, begin with ga or va have lower case letters.

Renewal information is sent to the purchaser of the activation code. When the activation code is used to receive a license key, Vernier associates the key with the person performing the activation, who might not be the purchaser. Follow-up support on using the app is addressed to the person activating. Other instructors in the school or department also will have access to the license key information in their Vernier web accounts. 

District purchasers are given a code for each school; when these codes are distributed to each school, the person activating will be our contact for support and license information.

Can I purchase now and activate later? 

Yes, we provide flexibility for school budget cycles. You will receive an activation code soon after your purchase is completed. The end date of the license is based on when the code is activated. For example, you can purchase using this year’s budget, and start using the software next year.

How do I redeem a Vernier product license activation code? How do I extend an existing license?