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Where can I get quartz cuvettes for your spectrophotometers?

We sell Starna Quartz cuvettes. They are all heat-fused, using no adhesive:
1. Quartz Cuvettes, order code CUV-QUARTZ, $189
Each cuvette is a standard rectangular cuvette. They are Far UV Quartz with a spectral range from 170 - 2700 nm. The path length is 10 mm. The exterior dimensions are 12.5 mm (width), 12.5 mm (length), and 45 mm (height). The interior dimensions are 10 mm (width) and 10 mm (length). The nominal volume is 3.500 mL. There are two polished (clear) windows. They are appropriate for absorbance applications.
2. Fluorescence/UV Quartz Cuvette, order code CUV-QUARTZ-FUV, $169
These have the same specifications as CUV-QUARTZ but with four polished (clear) windows. They are appropriate for fluorescence applications.

We do not sell glass cuvettes.

Glass and quartz cuvettes of other sizes are available from Starna Cells, Inc.,, 805-466-8855.

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