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What is the difference between the types of cuvettes you sell for Spectrometers and the Colorimeter?

The two types of disposable cuvettes Vernier sells are:
1) Visible range (~350 nm - ~900 nm): polystyrene, 3+ mL capacity, 2 clear sides, 2 ribbed sides, includes 20 lids
Plastic Cuvettes (Visible Range), order code CUV, $19
2) UV-Vis range (~220 nm - ~900 nm): proprietary plastic with good UV clarity, 1 - 1.5 mL capacity, 2 clear sides, 2 ribbed sides, includes 20 lids. Not compatible with organic solvents.
Plastic Cuvettes (UV-VIS), order code CUV-UV, $129

The lids for both cuvette types are made of polyethylene.
Cuvette Lids (100 per pack), order code CUV-LID, $9

We also sell Starna Quartz Cuvettes:
1. Quartz Cuvettes, order code CUV-QUARTZ, $189
Best option for UV Range absorbance measurements, made of Far UV Quartz with a spectral range from 170 - 2700 nm. The path length is 10 mm. The exterior dimensions are 12.5 mm (width), 12.5 mm (length), and 45 mm (height). The interior dimensions are 10 mm (width) and 10 mm (length). The nominal volume is 3.500 mL. There are two polished windows. Compatible with organic solvents.
2. Fluorescence/UV Quartz Cuvette, order code CUV-QUARTZ-FUV, $169
These have the same specifications as CUV-QUARTZ but have four polished windows.


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