For LabQuest 2
LabQuest Viewer® (LQ-VIEW), is computer software that makes it possible to view and control a LabQuest 2 screen from a computer. This allows you to project the LabQuest 2 screen using a computer that is set up to project.

A LabQuest Viewer app is also available for use with iPad. For more information, see

For original LabQuest
The LabQuest Viewer software or iPad app can be used with an original LabQuest. The original LabQuest requires an external Wi-Fi radio, Vernier Wi-Fi USB Adapter (WIFI-USB, discontinued), sold separately.

You can also project the LabQuest screen using the free LabQuest Emulator software. The emulator runs on PCs running XP, Vista, and Windows 7. It can also run on a Mac running XP, Vista, or Windows 7, but is not available in a native Mac OS X version. Do you offer a Mac-compatible LabQuest Emulator?
Download the emulator from

What is the difference between LabQuest Emulator and LabQuest Viewer?