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LabQuest Viewer for iPad

LabQuest Viewer for iPad

LabQuest Viewer for iPad

Display and control LabQuest 3 or LabQuest 2 from your iPad® to demonstrate how to use LabQuest, monitor student progress during labs, and enhance post-lab class discussions.


LabQuest Viewer is an app that displays and controls the screen of a LabQuest using an iPad. When used in conjunction with a projector, this application can be used to demonstrate the functions of LabQuest and to enhance group presentations. This application can also be used to monitor student use of LabQuest devices in your lab, view and control a LabQuest remotely, and easily capture LabQuest screen images for use in lab instructions or assessment questions.

Use LabQuest Viewer for iPad in the classroom to:

  • View and control one or more LabQuest devices from an iPad
  • Use with a projector for class demos and student presentations
  • Display live images of all LabQuests in your lab to monitor student progress throughout the lab
  • Select up to four LabQuest devices for side-by-side comparison of experimental results from different lab groups
  • Capture and share screenshots of the LabQuest screen for use in lab instructions and assessment questions
  • Set customizable permissions that permit viewing without control, or password-protect a connection

If you want to control LabQuest from a Windows or Mac computer, you will need to purchase LabQuest Viewer Computer Software »



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