This post is about Windows only. No other platform is affected.

If a Windows computer is running a version of Graphical Analysis 5.18.3 and earlier, and the user attempts to use the self-update mechanism, the update will fail, as shown in the similar dialog below.

The workaround is to download the current Graphical Analysis installer directly, and install using that file. You do not need to first remove the older version of Graphical Analysis, but there is no harm in doing so. Subsequent self-updates should succeed.

In the event that a download of the current Graphical Analysis installer is not possible, please use the progressive web app version available at with no installation (runs in Chrome browser) with your License Key (available in My Downloads of their account) to access the Graphical Analysis Pro subscription.

Windows applications are cryptographically signed to indicate that they are from the publisher they claim to be from. In early 2024 Vernier Science Education had a small but significant name change in its transition to a Perpetual Purpose Trust. As a result there is a one-time hiccup in updates to Graphical Analysis.

Spectral Analysis fails to update on Windows