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How do I measure voltages larger than 6 (or 10) volts?

Special caution should be taken when operating at greater than ±20 volts in a situation where significant current can be supplied.

Many solar panel projects require measurement of more than 10 volts and this concept is often useful for these projects.

Our voltage sensors cover the following ranges:
* Differential Voltage Probe, order code DVP-BTA, $39: ±6 V
* Voltage Probe, order code VP-BTA, $12: ±10 V
* Go Direct® Voltage Probe, order code GDX-VOLT, $69: ±15 V
* 30-Volt Voltage Probe, order code 30V-BTA, $49: ±30 V

Choose the right voltage sensor that matches the expected range for your experiment.

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