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Is it possible to use the Voltage Probe (VP-BTA) when doing an Ohm's Law experiment, or is the Differential Voltage Probe (DVP-BTA) or Go Direct Voltage Probe (GDX-VOLT) required?

You can use the standard Voltage Probe, order code VP-BTA, $12, to do Ohm's Law experiments. There are two things you need to watch out for, and for these reasons we recommend the Differential Voltage Probe, order code DVP-BTA, $39, or Go Direct® Voltage Probe, order code GDX-VOLT, $69, for these experiments.

- When the red and black leads are not connected to anything, you will get a reading of a few volts. This can confuse students. If you connect the red and black leads together, the voltage probe will read zero. With the Differential Voltage Probe or Go Direct Voltage Probe, the reading will be very close to zero, even when nothing is connected.

- Be careful if you use two of the regular voltage probes at the same time. Note that the black wires of each probe are connected to the common ground of the interface and therefore they are connected together. This can cause unexpected results when two are used at once. The Differential Voltage Probe and Go Direct Voltage Probe do not share a common ground, so you can easily use 2 of the sensors in the same circuit at the same time, and they will not interfere with each other.

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