The short answer is: yes, but there are limitations to it. It is not appropriate for high school or college usage.

LoggerLite 1.6.1 will recognize and auto-ID the SpectroVis Plus. You can do the following:
(a) calibrate
(b) collect a full absorbance spectrum
(c) collect absorbance vs. concentration
(d) collect absorbance vs. time
(e) measure fluorescence at both 405 nm and 500 nm
(f) measure emission

The limitation:
(a) The limited math analysis will frustrate users.
(b) There is no setting in the preferences to display the colored background as a strip along the x-axis, thus you will see only the full wallpaper display of the visible spectrum on the graph.
(c) There are no stored sample data files of gas discharge tube emissions.
(d) You cannot do calculated columns for rate law analysis or converting Absorbance to %Transmittance and vice versa.