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Mini Gas Chromatograph Troubleshooting and FAQs

These specifications are for the Vernier Mini GC, order code GC-MINI
Specifications and User Guide

If you have a Vernier Mini GC Plus, order code GC2-MINI, $1,999, the specifications are listed here: Specifications and User Guide and TIL 2841: Mini GC Plus Gas Chromatograph Troubleshooting and FAQs

-Inconsistent flow: Check and replace septum
-Inconsistent peak areas: Check injection volume, septum
-Inconsistent retention times: Check septum, pump
-No communication: Check USB cables or make sure you are using correct software versions.
-No power: Check to make sure power plugs are plugged in properly and that the power switch is on.

*The Hamilton syringe that is shipped with the device has a brown bumper on the needle. Do NOT remove this. You will damage the instrument.
*Make sure you have referred to the list of acceptable compounds in the user guide before attempting to inject new compounds.
*You CANNOT inject samples that contain more than 5% water. This will ruin the detector.

TIL 2953: Best Practice Techniques for the Mini GC and the Mini GC Plus
TIL 2900: Can I inject water into the Mini GC or the Mini GC Plus?
TIL 2104: Can I inject a gas into the Mini GC?
TIL 2147: Where can I buy the substances used in the Mini GC lab manual?
TIL 2050: What size needle does the Mini GC require?
TIL 2296: Where can I order the syringe for the Mini GC?
TIL 2147: Where can I buy the substances used in the Mini GC lab manual?
TIL 2548: The peak heights on my Mini GC or Mini GC Plus are lower than they were previously.
TIL 2547: My Mini GC or Mini GC Plus pressure won't get above 15 kPa.
TIL 2907: My Mini GC or Mini GC Plus suddenly drops its connection.
TIL 3006: How long will the Mini GC/Mini GC Plus column last?
TIL 3916: Can I purchase a replacement power supply for my Mini GC or Mini GC Plus?

GC Septa (package of 4), order code GC-SEP, $29
GC 1μL Hamilton Syringe, order code GC-SYR-MIC, $84
For column and/or sensor replacement, email for assistance.

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