If you already own several LabPros that you use with computers and are looking to add additional stations, the LabQuest Mini is our recommended option. Although it looks different than LabPro, it functions the same when connected to a computer and costs considerably less. Below is a list of differences:

LabQuest Mini


  • LabPro requires batteries or a power supply.
  • LabPro can be used remotely with or without a calculator.
  • LabPro works with a TI calculator and a LabQuest Mini will not.
  • LabPro has a low-frequency function generator built in, and LabQuest mini does not. As a result LabPro can be used to drive our Power Amplifier and LabQuest Mini cannot.
  • LabPro has 4 analog channels and LabQuest Mini has 3.

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