If the reading of a Stainless Steel Temperature Probe (TMP-BTA) or Surface Temperature Sensor (STS-BTA) never changes or gives erroneous readings, it is probably damaged and can not be repaired. Often a damaged sensor reads -273 degrees C or a value over 300 C.

The most common causes of damage are:
1. Strain and twisting of the cable. As with other devices, it is important not to strain or twist the cable of the sensor during storage. Avoid wrapping the cable around the sensor itself; instead use cable ties to manage the cord. For details on how best to manage cables and ensure a long life of a sensor, see:
      How should I wrap my sensor cable?.

2. Overheating. The maximum temperature that the sensor can experience without damage is 150 degrees C. This damage temperature can easily be exceeded if a student accidentally leaves the sensor in contact with a hot plate or inserts the sensor into a flame.

Unfortunately, these causes of breakage are generally the result of misuse, which is not covered by our warranty. We design our products to withstand as much rough handling as possible, however we have found that this type of damage for a Stainless Steel Temperature Probe can not be repaired.

If you have a sensor that is defective and never functioned properly, please contact us.