We strongly recommend that you use the MSI file as-is. We have tested on a wide variety of systems. Although it is technically possible to dissect the file, this often breaks the custom USB driver installation.

The MSI installer needs to be run with the correct arguments. A batch file is provided as an example script. You do not have to use it, but it is recommended that you read it, especially if you are having problems.

The installer requires explicit administrative rights. For testing purposes on Windows Vista and newer, simply being logged in as administrator is not sufficient; rather, you will need to be running in an administrative shell (Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories, right click on Command Prompt and select “Run as Administrator”). As such, just double-clicking on the batch file doesn’t work on those operating systems. (For actual deployment, this is a very rare cause of problems. Your tool will normally run as either an admin or system.)

The included batch file does several things, including uninstalling previous versions of Logger Pro. If you don’t have a previous version of Logger Pro installed, the batch file will give two messages in the command prompt window (i.e., not as windows dialogs) about not being able to find a previous version. (It tries twice for various reasons related to the number of versions over the years.) Thus, even if you do have a previous version installed, the batch file may still give a message about not finding it. Those messages are normal.

UNCs (which use a path to a network drive in the form of \\servershare) don’t work in most command line commands. Instead, do one of the following:
–Copy the installer onto the machine before installing
–Create a batch file to map your network drives for the duration of the install (“pushd” and “popd” are the commands you’ll need, however make sure you don’t use popd while the installer is running, because msiexec will fork and end before the install finishes)
–You can use the “net use * \\servershare” command to map a drive letter to the share.
–Use a mapped drive in general. Again, depending on the tool you use for the actual deployment, this may be less of an issue.

As far as we can tell, using the MSI from the CD doesn’t work for a silent install. Please use the one from the silent installer ZIP file downloaded from our site. The two different MSI’s are built from different processes and are tested accordingly.

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