The Motion Detector Bracket (DTS-MDB) includes two thumb screws and a permanently attached pin. To attach it to the Vernier Dynamics System track, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the thumb screw closest to the pin.
  2. Align the pin with the hole in the back of the motion detector (closest to the cable). The pin will prevent the body of the Motion Detector from rotating.
  3. Use the thumb screw to attach the wired Motion Detectors (Motion Detector (MD-BTD) and Go! Motion (GO-MOT)) to the bracket, through the wide slot.
  4. At the other end of the bracket, loosen the second thumb screw just enough to slide the bracket into the underside of the track. The bracket should be on the inside of the rail, and the screw tightens to the outside.

The Go Direct® Motion Detector (GDX-MD) attaches much the same, except the pin does not affect alignment of the sensor and the bracket slides into the top groove of the track.


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