Ocean Optics USB2000 units may work properly with Logger Pro 3 (version 3.8.4 or newer).
If you have a Windows 8.1 computer or newer, a USB2000 will not work with Logger Pro 3. This is a Windows issue.

Also note older versions of Logger Pro 3 will not communicate with new Ocean Optics spectrometers. This situation is an excellent example of the importance of keeping your software updated. If you have an older version of Logger Pro 3, the updates are always a free download from:

USB2000 spectrometers should work with LabQuest App on any LabQuest hardware. However, we cannot guarantee that it will work as we have done no testing of USB2000 devices with any type of LabQuest. Also, spectrometers purchased directly from Ocean Optics can be built to custom specifications.