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Logger Pro® Update

Logger Pro 3.15 is the latest update to our award-winning data-collection software. The update is free from any version of Logger Pro 3.

New Features of Logger Pro 3.15


  • Improved support for high-resolution displays
  • Refined icons for improved legibility and appearance on high-resolution displays
  • Improved scaling of screen elements for significantly improved legibility when app is used at less than full screen
  • More robust installation on Windows® computers

New Features of Logger Pro 3.14.1


  • Updated USB driver signing for Windows
  • Support for importing data from Graphical Analysis 4

New Features of Logger Pro 3.14


New Features of Logger Pro 3.13


New Features of Logger Pro 3.12


New Features of Logger Pro 3.11

New Features of Logger Pro 3.10.2 (Mac only)


Support for OS X 10.11 “El Capitan”

New Features of Logger Pro 3.10.1 (Windows and Mac)


New Features of Logger Pro 3.9

New Features of Logger Pro 3.8.7

  • Vernier Energy Sensor support
  • Braille embosser support
  • Uncertainty Boxes Feature
  • Better CSV import/export for localized installs
  • Better Data Sharing upgrade behavior
  • Deploys Data Sharing Web App 1.4 supporting Internet Explorer 11 browser
  • Other defect fixes

New Features of Logger Pro

New Features of Logger Pro

New Features of Logger Pro 3.8.6

  • Added Data Sharing*
  • Support for Mac OS X 10.8, and full-screen mode in 10.7 and 10.8
  • Provisional support for Windows 8
  • Support for Pyranometer
  • Support for Ethanol Sensor
  • Improved controls for Digital Control Unit
  • New calculated columns for digital signal filters

* Data Sharing is not installed by default; follow installer instructions to install Data Sharing feature. See information about Data Sharing using Logger Pro »

New Features of Logger Pro

New Features of Logger Pro

  • Support for Melt Station, Anemometer, High Current Sensor, and 30-Volt Voltage Probe.
  • Ability to skip frames in video analysis
  • Center-of-mass calculations in multi-point video analysis.
  • With Logger Pro 3.8.4, eight languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Polish, and Russian) are included in a single release. Logger Pro will appear in the language of the Windows operating system.

New Features of Logger Pro 3.8.3

  • First localized release supporting LabQuest Mini and SpectroVis Plus
  • Support for Ocean Optics Spectrometers on 64-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7

New Features of Logger Pro 3.8.2

New Features of Logger Pro 3.8

  • Support for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
  • Support for Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Support for Vernier Mini GC Gas Chromatograph
  • Support for Watts Up Pro
  • New control for Power Amplifier with LabQuest 1.3
  • New control for Function Generator for LabQuest 1.3

New Features of Logger Pro 3.7

  • Support for 64-bit Windows Vista
  • Support for Vernier GPS
  • Improved Time of Day Graphs
  • Support for new Wide Range Temperature Sensor, Heat Pulser (LabQuest), and Digital Control Unit (LabQuest)
  • Improved GPS function with UTM units, speed, and bearing columns
  • Improved file transfer between LabQuest and Logger Pro
  • Improved interpolation and extrapolation

New Features of Logger Pro 3.6.1

  • Supports Rotary and Radiation monitors through LabQuest
  • Ability to use LabQuest internal microphone as a sensor

New Features of Logger Pro 3.6

  • Supports Mac OS X 10.5
  • Supports Vernier LabQuest

New Features of Logger Pro 3.5

  • Supports Windows Vista
  • Supports Spectrometers on Intel-based Macs
  • Support for additional Garmin GPS models
  • Auto Graph Match Generator

New Features of Logger Pro 3.4.6

  • Universal Binary supports Intel Macs
  • Time offset curve fits
  • Support added for WIDCOMM Bluetooth drivers in Windows XP
  • Import data from other Logger Pro files to compare data from multiple files

New Features of Logger Pro 3.4.5

Release Notes

Version Release Date Release Notes
3.14.1 LoggerPro3_14_1_ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.14 LoggerPro3_14_ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.13 LoggerPro313ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.12 LoggerPro312ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.11 June 1, 2016 LoggerPro311ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.10.1 September 8, 2015 LoggerPro3101ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.9 January 24, 2015 LoggerPro39ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.8.7 June 11, 2014 LoggerPro387ReleaseNotes.pdf January 6, 2014 LoggerPro3862ReleaseNotes.pdf April 29, 2013 LoggerPro3861ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.8.6 October 22, 2012 LoggerPro386ReleaseNotes.pdf May 3, 2012 LoggerPro385ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.8.4 February 15, 2011 LoggerPro384ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.8.3 September 20, 2010 LoggerPro383ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.8.2 February 22, 2010 LoggerPro382ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.8 August 31, 2009 LoggerPro38ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.7 March 2, 2009 LoggerPro37ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.6.1 July 23, 2008 LoggerPro361ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.6 December 21, 2007 LoggerPro360ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.5 May 22, 2007 LoggerPro350ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.4.6 July 26, 2006 LoggerPro346ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.4.5 May 15, 2006 LoggerPro345ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.4.2 February 21, 2006 LoggerPro342ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.3 May 7, 2004 LoggerPro33ReleaseNotes.pdf
3.2.1 December 4, 2003 LoggerPro321ReleaseNotes.pdf
2.2.1 August 12, 2002 LoggerPro221ReleaseNotes.pdf

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Questions about Logger Pro Releases

Who should update to the latest version?

While we would always recommend you update to the latest version of Logger Pro, we understand that updating your school computers can be a challenge. Update your software if you are using any products released since your installed version of Logger Pro was released. See the new features list for those products. Logger Pro 3.11 or newer is required for LabQuest Stream support. Logger Pro 3.12 or newer is required for Windows Video support. Logger Pro 3.14.1 or newer is required to import and analyze data from Graphical Analysis 4.

Logger Pro 3.15 is recommended for all supported Macs.

If you intend to use video capture and analysis features of Logger Pro on Windows, you are strongly encouraged to use Logger Pro 3.12 or newer. To use Logger Pro 3.10.1 and older would require QuickTime for Windows, which is no longer supported and is a security risk.

Video capture is not available on macOS 10.14. We do not recommend updating to macOS version 10.14 if you require video capture. You can still analyze videos, but you will not be able to capture video with Logger Pro.

Why are there new Logger Pro releases?

We continually improve Logger Pro, adding new features and support for new hardware. Even if you don’t use the new hardware and operating systems, the new features (and a few bug fixes!) may be of interest to you. Besides, all updates from any version of Logger Pro 3 are free.

Logger Pro International Updates

With Logger Pro 3.15, twenty languages (English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, Arabic, Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Slovak, Turkish, Thai, Finnish, Ukrainian, and Russian) are included in a single release. Logger Pro will appear in the language of the Windows operating system by default. Chinese and Korean are available from Vernier International dealers in those countries.

Do you support older operating systems such as Windows 98 or Mac OS 9?

Yes. Although the current version of Logger Pro may not be compatible with your computers, we have a version for you. Below is a list of which version of Logger Pro is best for each operating system.

Windows Version Recommended Logger Pro Version
Windows 3.1 1.0.7
Windows 95 2.2.1
Windows 98 3.4.6
Windows Me 3.4.6
Windows NT 3.3
Windows 2000 3.6.0
Windows XP 3.8.7
Windows XP (64-bit) Not supported
Windows Vista 3.8.7
Windows Vista (64-bit) 3.8.7
Windows 7 3.15
Windows 7 (64-bit) 3.15
Windows 8 3.10.1
Windows 8 (64-bit) 3.10.1
Windows 8.1 3.15
Windows 8.1 (64-bit) 3.15
Windows 10* 3.15
Windows 10 (64-bit)* 3.15

* Windows 10 Creator’s Update was released by Microsoft April 11, 2017. Testing for Logger Pro 3.14 is ongoing for the Creator’s Update. If you use a Go Wireless Temperature probe with Logger Pro, you may wish to delay taking the Creator’s Update as it breaks BLE connectivity. Go Wireless Temp cannot be used with Windows 10 Creators Update and Logger Pro

OS X Version Recommended Logger Pro Version
Mac OS 7 2.2.1
Mac OS 8 2.2.1
Mac OS 9 3.4.2
OS X 10.2
OS X 10.3 3.6.1
OS X 10.4
OS X 10.5
OS X 10.6
OS X 10.7 3.9
OS X 10.8 3.11
OS X 10.9 3.12
OS X 10.10 3.15
OS X 10.11 3.15
macOS 10.12 3.15
macOS 10.13 3.15
macOS 10.141 3.15

1. Video capture is not available

If you need help deciding which version of Logger Pro is best for you, please feel free to contact us.

About Logger Pro Software

Logger Pro is award-winning data-collection and analysis software for Windows and Macintosh computers.

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Free Update for Logger Pro

The update requires an existing installation of Logger Pro. A full installer is required for new installations.


10 / 8.1 / 7

Download Update 457 MB


10.141 / 10.13 / 10.12 / 10.11 / 10.10 (English only)

Download Update 178 MB

Full Installer for Instructors Owning Logger Pro

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