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LabQuest Viewer Computer Software Troubleshooting and FAQs

The information that follows is for LabQuest Viewer software for Windows® and Macintosh® computers. If you are looking for information about the LabQuest Viewer App for iPad®, see
TIL 3667: LabQuest Viewer App for iPad Troubleshooting and FAQs

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System Requirements
TIL 2666: What are the system requirements for LabQuest Viewer?

General Troubleshooting Steps
If LabQuest Viewer is not able to connect to the LabQuest or shows a blank list* of available LabQuest devices, try these steps:

1. Make sure the LabQuest is powered on and connected to the same network as the computer. (Depending on how your network is configured, devices on one WiFi network may not be allowed to communicate with devices on another network.)

2. Verify that LabQuest Viewer is enabled.
     For LabQuest 2
     a. Tap the Wi-Fi icon on the LabQuest 2 toolbar.
     b. Tap the Viewer gear icon.
     c. Make sure the Viewer is set to "On".

     For original LabQuest
     a. Tap the Home icon on the original LabQuest toolbar.
     b. Tap Control Panel > Viewer Setup.
     c. Make sure the Viewer is set to "On".

3. Use the refresh button to refresh the list.

4. Manually enter the LabQuest IP address into the Viewer software.
     a. Tap the Wi-Fi icon on the LabQuest toolbar and note the IP address of the LabQuest.
     b. On the computer, tap the Gear icon to access the My Lab Setup screen.
     c. Under the Manually add section, enter the IP address of the LabQuest, then tap the + icon.
Note: If manually entering the IP address works, your network is probably blocking Bonjour traffic. Contact your IT department.

5. If the Wi-Fi network connection does not work, you can use the LabQuest Viewer software with a LabQuest 2 that is connected via USB. Note: This connection type does not work with an original LabQuest.

When the LabQuest 2 is connected to the computer with a USB cable, the connection is not dependent on network settings. In general, the USB connection is very reliable. For detailed instruction, see TIL 2971: How do I connect to LabQuest Viewer via USB?

Note: In order to use this LabQuest 2 with Logger Pro, you will need to disable the "Enable Viewer over USB" option on your LabQuest 2.

*LabQuest Viewer uses Bonjour® software for network device discovery. Changes to your computer's network settings will reset Bonjour discovery software. The software can take several minutes to regenerate the list of available devices.

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