There are some restrictions on the types of calculated columns that can be imported into Graphical Analysis GW for iOS.

Calculated columns from LabQuest App (with file extension .qmbl) will import and display properly in the Graphical Analysis GW app.

Velocity and acceleration data exported from Video Physics will also display properly.

Calculated columns from Logger Pro or Logger Lite data files (.cmbl, .xmbl, or .gmlbl) and Graphical Analysis 3 for PC/Mac (.ga3) can not be imported into the Graphical Analysis GW app. Unsupported columns will be omitted from the imported project.

Two workarounds are available:

One option is to enable Data Sharing in Logger Pro and connect to the Data Sharing session with Graphical Analysis GW on your device. See How do I use the Data Sharing feature of Logger Pro to send data to Graphical Analysis app via Wi-Fi?

The other option is to export files as a CSV file from Logger Pro or Graphical Analysis 3 (PC/Mac). The calculated data can then be imported into Graphical Analysis GW for iOS. See How do I export data from Logger Pro 3 to a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Google Docs?