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How do I use the Data Sharing feature of Logger Pro to send data to iPad, Chromebook, and other mobile devices?

The installation of Logger Pro 3.8.6 and newer includes the option to install support for Data Sharing.


Data Sharing is installed by default on Macintosh when using version 3.8.7 and newer. No additional action is required during installation.

After enabling this option during the install process of Logger Pro, you will see a Data Sharing option in the File menu of Logger Pro. If you do not see Data Sharing in the File menu, reinstall Logger Pro, taking care to include Data Sharing.

Choose Enable Data Sharing from the File menu to activate Logger Pro as a Data Sharing source. Note that when Data Sharing is enabled, Logger Pro automatically stores runs before collecting the next run. This change in behavior will revert when Data Sharing is turned off.

To access the Data Sharing source using the Vernier Data Share web app, direct a supported browser to the URL displayed in the Data Sharing dialog. You must include the port number.

Graphical Analysis for iPad will automatically list nearby Logger Pro Data Sharing sources in the "+" menu. If the name of the computer running Logger Pro does not appear in the list, choose Specify Source and enter the URL displayed in in the Logger Pro Data Sharing dialog.

To learn more about Vernier Data Share and Graphical Analysis, see:

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