There are multiple computers called the “Microsoft Surface.” They differ radically in power and in the operating systems they run. Without knowing more than Microsoft Surface this question cannot be answered.

  • Some Surface tablets  run the full versions of Windows 10 with standard processors, and are compatible with Logger Pro and other software.  Note that Logger Pro has not been optimized for touch-screen devices, but the Surface Pro models includes a stylus (“Pro Pen”) which works well.
  • Surface Pro X has a type of processor called ARM that is not compatible with many conventional applications. Logger Pro 3.16.2 and later, and Graphical Analysis 5.6 and later, include ARM-compatible drivers for LabQuest interfaces and will work on the Surface Pro X. The LabPro interface is not supported due to hardware limitations. Vernier-made spectrometers are supported. Spectrometers made by Ocean Optics are not supported due to hardware limitations. Earlier versions of these titles are not compatible with the ARM processor in the Surface Pro X.
  • Surface RT and Surface 2 run Windows RT, which is not the full Windows operating system and does not support the majority of Windows applications.  No Vernier apps are compatible with Windows RT. These are old tablets (circa 2015) and are not in common use.

Some Surface tablets run Windows 10 S, which does not allow apps outside of the Windows store to run. Such tablets must be upgraded (typically for free) to Windows 10 to run Vernier apps. Do Vernier apps run in Windows 10 S?

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