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Data Sharing - Connected Science System FAQ and Troubleshooting

Product information

The Connected Science System is a networked collection of technology that supports hands-on, collaborative learning with individualized accountability.

For step-by-step guides on configuring and using the Connected Science System, please see Connected Science System Support:

Data Sharing Sources

LabQuest 2
TIL 2726: How do I set up LabQuest 2 for Data Sharing?
TIL 2663: Data Sharing: How many devices running Graphical Analysis 4 can I connect to a single LabQuest 2 device?
TIL 2669: Networking for LabQuest 2 FAQ and Troubleshooting
TIL 2752: How do I use Data Sharing when the source is on a different subnet?
TIL 2665: My school Wi-Fi requires a username and password (WPA2 Enterprise). Can LabQuest 2 connect to this network?
TIL 2836: My WPA2 Enterprise network requires a certificate, how do I install it on LabQuest 2?
TIL 2717: Why is there an exclamation point on the Wi-Fi networking icon on LabQuest 2?
TIL 2847: My iPad appears to be connected to a LabQuest 2 ad-hoc network, but does not communicate with the LabQuest 2.
TIL 2677: What happens to existing data when data collection is started remotely on LabQuest 2 using a Data Sharing app?
TIL 2722: How do I display a QR code on LabQuest 2?
TIL 2894: The Data Sharing app is not plotting data on the graph when connected to a LabQuest 2. How can I fix this?
TIL 2725: How do I set up LabQuest 2 and Graphical Analysis 4 to work together via wireless Data Sharing over Wi-Fi?
TIL 2700: Why doesn't Graphical Analysis 4 display my LabQuest 2 in the list of available Data Sharing devices?
TIL 2631: Can I use the original LabQuest with the Connected Science System?
TIL 2932: LabQuest: I do not see my network SSID in the Network Configuration list.
TIL 3261: LabQuest 2 does not remember login credentials for a hidden Wi-Fi network.
TIL 3807: Will LabQuest 2 work on a 5 GHz-only network?
TIL 4473: LabQuest 2 Wi-Fi username field is wrong and grayed out

Logger Pro
TIL 2650: Can Logger Pro send data from a computer to iPads, Chromebooks, and tablets?
TIL 2818: How do I use the Data Sharing feature of Logger Pro to send data to Graphical Analysis 4 via Wi-Fi?
TIL 2821: I installed Logger Pro 3.8.6 (or newer) and do not see an option for Data Sharing.

Data Sharing Apps

TIL 2647: What devices are supported by Vernier Data Share web app version 1.4?
TIL 2360: Do you have data-collection apps that work with Android?
TIL 2453: Do you have data-collection technology that works with Google Chromebooks?
TIL 2693: Can I export data from Vernier Data Share web app?
TIL 2695: Does Vernier Data Share web app support the Kindle Fire web browser?
TIL 2744: Why can't I see Vernier Data Share when I enter the correct address in a browser?
TIL 2764: Why can't I load Vernier Data Share on my older iPod touch or iPhone device?
TIL 2894: The Data Sharing app is not plotting data on the graph when connected to a LabQuest 2. How can I fix this?
TIL 2903: How do I transfer data from Vernier Data Share web app to Google Drive?
TIL 2904: Downlaoding data from the Vernier Data Share web app gives me the error "This file type is not supported" when openign the file on a Chromebook.
TIL 2935: Does Vernier Data Share web app support Windows RT and Microsoft Surface?
TIL 2945: Vernier Data Share (Android): When I try to Download Data, the download never completes.
TIL 3249: Printing from Data Share 1.4 web app results in a blank sheet.
TIL 2670: Graphical Analysis GW for iOS FAQ and Troubleshooting
TIL 3997: LabQuest 2 will not connect to other devices on a certain networks, including guest networks.

TIL 3089: Do LabQuest 2 and Data Sharing work with an http proxy?

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