In rare cases, a SpectroVis Plus or Go Direct SpectroVis Plus may lock up when used on a LabQuest 2, it may not be recognized, or it may give extremely erratic data. This is a USB compatibility issue that shows up between some SpectroVis Plus units and some LabQuest 2. The issue is frustrating because it may only appear intermittently.

Try the following:

1) Make sure you are using LabQuest software version 2.7.2 or newer. To find this, tap the Home icon, then tap System, then tap System Information. Free updates are available here:
2) Reboot the LabQuest 2. Tap on the home icon, tap System, tap Reboot.
3) If it is a Go Direct SpectroVis Plus, do not connect the AC power and remove the battery from the unit, unless all LEDs are illuminated see My Go Direct SpectroVis Plus is not identified in software when connected by USB.
4) Try using a USB hub. If available, try using a powered USB hub.
5) Verify that the SpectroVis Plus can be used without incident on a computer or original LabQuest.
6) Try using a different LabQuest 2.

This issue is uncommon. If you need to use the SpectroVis Plus right away, using a powered USB hub is the simplest workaround.

If the problem persists, please contact Vernier Technical Support (email and provide the following details:

-LabQuest serial number (printed on the back of the LabQuest). For details, see the images in How do I know if my LabQuest 2 will work with Go Direct Sensors and Go Wireless devices?.
All LabQuest 2 hardware with serial numbers starting at or greater than SN15011601 should not have this issue.
-The model of spectrometer: SpectroVis Plus or Go Direct SpectroVis Plus. Include the serial number of the spectrometer.
-Software version of the LabQuest 2. To find this, tap the Home icon, then tap System, then tap System Information.