If you are in an area where Wi-Fi is unavailable or unreliable, it is possible to use LabQuest Viewer to connect to LabQuest 2 via USB. This is a useful way to display LabQuest 2 data and graphs for a class demonstration. The instructions below assume you have LabQuest software version 2.3.3 or newer. If you do not have this version, a free update and instructions for installation are available at:

Set up LabQuest 2 to work with LabQuest Viewer software via USB

This option is for LabQuest 2 only. It does not work with the original LabQuest.

Caution: While LabQuest is configured to work with the viewer via USB, you cannot use it as a computer (or Chromebook) interface with Logger Pro, Logger Lite, or Graphical Analysis 4. To allow your LabQuest to work as a computer or Chromebook interface, you must disconnect the USB and then un-check Enable Viewer.

  1. Enable Viewer support.

    • Tap the Wi-Fi icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
    • 2971_lq_view_main.png

    • Tap the gear next to Viewer to open the Viewer screen.
    • 2971_LQ2ConnectView.png

    • Verify that LabQuest Viewer is On, Allow screen control is checked, and Enable Viewer over USB is checked.
    • Tap the OK button.


  2. Connect LabQuest 2 to the computer using the USB cable that came with LabQuest 2.
    • Start LabQuest Viewer software.
    • Select your LabQuest from the list provided.
  • A view of the LabQuest screen will be visible in the LabQuest Viewer software.

In some cases, the USB driver needs to be installed on the computer separately. For more details, see:

How do I install a driver for LabQuest Viewer software to enable communication with LabQuest 2 via USB?
My Windows computer fails to install a driver when using LabQuest Viewer software with a LabQuest 2 via USB connection.