The Vernier UV-VIS Spectrophotometer comes with a set of two Starna Quartz cuvettes: Quartz Cuvettes (CUV-QUARTZ). The Vernier Fluorescence/UV-VIS Spectrophotometer comes with one Starna Fluorescence Quartz cuvette: Fluorescence/UV Quartz Cuvette (CUV-QUARTZ-FUV)
These cuvettes are made of Far UV Quartz with a spectral range from 170 to 2700 nm. The path length is 10 mm. The exterior dimensions are 12.5 mm (width), 12.5 mm (length), and 45 mm (height). The interior dimensions are 10 mm (width) and 10 mm (length). The nominal volume is 3.500 mL. There are two polished windows. They are compatible with organic solvents.

If you require cuvettes that handle smaller volumes, we have tested and confirmed that the following cuvettes from Starna that work in the Vernier UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (each has the same dimensions as above):

Semi-micro rectangular far-UV quartz cuvette, 1.4 mL volume, Starna Order Code: 9-Q-10 (as of April 2014)

Sub-micro rectangular far-UV quartz cuvette, 100 uL volume, Starna Order Code: 16.50-Q-10/Z8.5 (as of April 2014)

Technically, you can use any standard 1 cm^2 cuvette, but be aware of the material and its transmission profile before use. Even UV-treated plastics will start to absorb light around 300 nm and will affect results. Use caution when using any plastic or acrylic cuvettes. For best results, use the quartz cuvettes supplied with the spectrometer.

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