Time of Flight Pad (TOF-VPL)
Specifications and User Guide

Primary Tests:
– When used with a Vernier Projectile Launcher, make certain that the Time of Flight Pad is connected to the “Accessory” or “Ext. Switch” port on the launcher.
– When used with a Go Direct Projectile Launcher, make certain the Time of Flight Pad is connected to the “Accessory” port on the launcher.
– Set the data-collection mode to end after six events or set the projectile launcher mode to use the Time of Flight Pad.
Test data collection by tapping Collect.
Place a finger across the aluminum barrel of the Launcher, and remove your finger to generate an event pair.
Place and remove your finger a second time to generate a second pair.
Then press a finger firmly on the pad and release.
This will generate a third pair of events.
Display the data table to see the times corresponding to the six events.
– Does the Vernier Projectile Launcher or Go Direct Projectile Launcher work as expected when the Time of Flight Pad is not attached?
– Do you have power to the launcher?
The Vernier Projectile Launcher requires power from a interface or LabQuest® Power Supply (LQ3-PS).
Go Direct Projectile Launcher requires power from a USB power outlet, USB power brick, or active USB port on a device.

Secondary Test:
Verify the projectile strikes the pad approximately in the center to ensure a solid registry of the impact.

Note that the pad has a timer set so that the unblock event is about 1 s after the block event, regardless of how long the pad is compressed.

Can I measure g with a photogate and Time of Flight Pad?
Projectile Motion lab only registers four events with Time of Flight Pad.
The Time of Flight pad sometimes fails to work.

For Vernier Projectile Launcher (VPL)
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For Go Direct® Projectile Launcher (GDX-PL)
Go Direct Projectile Launcher Troubleshooting and FAQs

The top surface of the Time of Flight Pad is 2.7 cm from the bottom surface.
For additional specifications, see Specifications and User Guide

The device cannot be calibrated.

Vernier Projectile Launcher (VPL)
Go Direct® Projectile Launcher (GDX-PL)
Independence of Motion Accessory (IOM-VPL)