There are some sensors that include the autoID feature, but that feature does not work on LabPro. This is not a sensor shortcoming, but is due to the LabPro firmware not having information about the sensor.

Sensors that do not autoID with LabPro can still be used with LabPro, but Logger Pro will either have to be configured manually, or a file opened, before data collection is possible. Experiment files for all sensors can be found in the Probes and Sensors folder of Logger Pro.

Sensors that do not autoID on LabPro, but do ID on LabQuest-family interfaces, include:

Vernier Projectile Launcher (VPL)
Rotary Motion Sensor (RMV-BTD)
Motion Encoder Cart Receiver (MEC-BTD)
Vernier Radiation Monitor (VRM-BTD)
Digital Radiation Monitor (DRM-BTD, discontinued)
Drop Counter (VDC-BTD)

Notice that these are all digital sensors.

In addition, there are two that are complex sensors that have both digital and analog portions. If Logger Pro detects the analog portion of the sensor, it assumes that the digital part is also present, and is configured accordingly. As a result, even though the digital portion is not ID’d by LabPro, data collection is normally configured automatically. These sensors are

Diffraction Apparatus (DAK)
Polarimeter (Chemical) (CHEM-POL)