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How do I install Anti-Roll Pegs on my Vernier Dynamics Cart?

Certain dynamics cart products include a packet of Anti-Roll Pegs. The peg prevents a cart from rolling when the cart is placed on a flat surface. For example, a cart placed on a lab table cannot roll and fall to the floor. However, the peg will move in the center groove of a Vernier track without touching, and the cart will freely roll.

The peg is compatible with all Vernier dynamics carts, both our older green, metal carts and our newer plastic carts. It is compatible with most Vernier Fan Carts. Some fan carts lack the necessary end cap mounting hole, and will require replacement of the end cap. Contact us if you need a replacement end cap.


Locate the hole in the cart end cap on the underside, along the centerline of the cart. Insert the shorter, wider end of the peg into the hole, and seat it firmly with a twist. The peg can be removed in the same manner if the cart is to be used on a surface that lacks the center slot.

Pegs are included with the following products:

Dynamics Cart and Track System, order code DTS, $269
Dynamics Cart and Track System with Motion Encoder, order code DTS-EC, $409
Standard Cart, order code DTS-CART-S, $63
Plunger Cart, order code DTS-CART-P, $74
Motion Encoder Cart, order code DTS-CART-MEC, $159
Fan Cart, order code CART-F, $105
Encoder Fan Cart, order code CART-FEC, $219

Pegs are compatible with the following (discontinued) products:

Vernier Dynamics System, order code VDS
Vernier Motion Encoder System, order code VDS-EC
Standard Cart for Vernier Dynamics System, order code CART-S
Plunger Cart for Vernier Dynamics System, order code CART-P
Motion Encoder Cart for Vernier Dynamics System, order code CART-MEC

Additional pegs can be purchased as Anti-Roll Pegs (10 Pack), order code VDS-ARP10, $3

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