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Fan Cart Troubleshooting and FAQs

Fan Cart, order code CART-F, $105
Specifications and User Guide

Encoder Fan Cart, order code CART-Fec, $219
Specifications and User Guide

- Primary Test: Check that batteries are installed and are charged. The fan requires four (4) AA batteries for power; the battery cover is on the top of the cart body. The Encoder Fan Cart requires two (2) additional AAA batteries to power the encoder transmitter; the battery cover is on the bottom of the cart body.

- Minimum software version: The Motion Encoder System, including the Encoder Fan Cart, requires Logger Pro version, LabQuest App version 1.7.2, LabQuest 2 App version 2.3.3 or newer. Updates are available at

TIL 3393: How do I install Anti-Roll Pegs on my Vernier Dynamics Cart?
TIL 3610: Does the friction pad work with the fan cart?

Fan Cart Dimensions: 16.3 cm long x 13 cm wide x 21 cm tall(to top of fan)
Mass: Varies from cart to cart, but will be about 525 g (standard fan cart) or 575 g (encoder fan cart), not including either of the approximately 215 g hexagonal masses.
Typical maximum acceleration: 0.6 m/s2

Encoder Fan Cart Upgrade Kit, order code FECT
Vernier Dynamics System, order code VDS
Vernier Motion Encoder System, order code VDS-EC
Motion Encoder Cart and Receiver, order code MEC-VDS

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