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Spectrum Tubes Troubleshooting and FAQs

Spectrum Tube (Air), order code ST-AIR, $45
Spectrum Tube (Argon), order code ST-AR, $45
Spectrum Tube (Carbon Dioxide), order code ST-CO2, $45
Spectrum Tube (Hydrogen), order code ST-H, $45
Spectrum Tube (Helium), order code ST-HE, $45
Spectrum Tube (Neon), order code ST-NE, $45
Spectrum Tube (Nitrogen), order code ST-N, $45

- Primary Test: Insert the spectrum tube in the Power Supply (Single or Carousel) and turn on the Power Supply. The spectrum tube should light up.

If it does not immediately light up, allow the tube to remain in the Power Supply and powered on; it may take up to 3 minutes for the discharge tube to light, especially if the tube has been unused for an extended period of time.

If the Spectrum Tube does not light up after 3 minutes, turn off the Power Supply, remove the tube, and check the tube for any physical damage. Verify that the metal contacts on the back of the tube are clean and that they spring in/out easily. Re-insert it in the Power Supply and power on. If it still does not strike after another 15 minutes, contact Vernier Tech Support.

- Minimum software version: The Emissions Spectrometer requires Logger Pro version, LabQuest 2 App version 2.2.1, or original LabQuest App version 1.7.1, or later.

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The Vernier Spectrum Tubes are for the Spectrum Tube Single Power Supply and the Spectrum Tube Carousel Power Supply.

The gas tubes are permanently enclosed in plastic carriers that protect the tubes from breakage. There are no through-the-glass electrodes, so the tubes last far longer than older designs. Most Vernier Spectrum Tubes have a usable lifetime of about 100 hours.

Caution: Spectrum tubes will become hot when running. Do not touch them during operation and allow them to cool before removing them from the Power Supply.

There is a tradeoff between lifetime and the number of visible spectral lines in the design of a hydrogen discharge tube. With the Vernier Hydrogen Spectrum Tube, we have chosen to emphasize the number of lines for spectroscopic studies. As a result, the tube has a useful lifetime of about 40 hours. Turn it off when not in use.

All Vernier Spectrum Tubes, except for Hydrogen, carry a warranty of 100 hours or 2 years, whichever comes first.

The Hydrogen Spectrum Tube carries a warranty of 40 hours or 2 years, whichever comes first.

Vernier Emissions Spectrometer, order code VSP-EM, $799

Vernier Emissions Fiber, order code VSP-EM-FIBER, $88

Spectrum Tube Single Power Supply, order code ST-SPS, $255
Replacement Fiber Optic Holder for Single Power Supply, order code ST-FHS, $12

Spectrum Tube Carousel Power Supply, order code ST-CAR, $319
Replacement Fiber Optic Holder for Spectrum Tube Carousel Power Supply, order code ST-FHC, $12

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