Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the battery for LabQuest Stream.
LabQuest Stream (LQ-STREAM)
LabQuest® 2, LabQuest Stream™, and Go Direct SpectroVis Plus Battery (LQ2-BAT)

Q: What does the battery LED indicate about the LabQuest Stream battery?

State Meaning
Off Sufficient battery charge for normal use or unit is not charging
Orange Unit is charging
Green Charging complete; battery is fully charged
Red Flashing – Battery level is low
Solid – Charging circuit time out (~10 hr), battery fault, or no battery found

Q: Is there a way to tell the percent of charge remaining for the battery?
A: See the information below for your specific application.

Graphical Analysis GW for Android
1. Press the power button on LabQuest Stream to turn it on. The Bluetooth LED will flash blue.
2. Start the Graphical Analysis app. Tap the Create New Experiment icon, and select LabQuest Stream from the source menu.
3. Choose your LabQuest Stream from the list of available devices to establish a connection. The Bluetooth LED will be solid blue.
4. Tap the battery level from the overflow menu to view the percent of battery life remaining.

Logger Pro (3.11 or newer) or Logger Lite (1.9 or newer) computer software
1. Press the power button on LabQuest Stream to turn it on. The Bluetooth LED will flash blue.
2. Connect LabQuest Stream to the computer using the included USB cable. The USB LED will be orange.
3. Start the computer software. Once connected to the software, the Bluetooth LED will be off and the USB LED will be green.
4. Choose Setup Sensors > LabQuest Stream from the Experiment menu to view battery level details.

Graphical Analysis GW for iOS, Graphical Analysis App, and Graphical Analysis Pro
Not supported.

Q: How long can I collect data on a single charge of the battery?
A: Approximately 24 hours depending on the sensors attached.

Q: How long does it take to recharge the battery?
A: Approximately 8 hours from discharged to fully charged using the power adapter or LabQuest Charging Station. Approximately 10 hours when charging using USB.

Q: Can I collect data while the battery is charging?
A: Yes, charging does not interfere with data collection; however, collecting data while charging can increase the time it takes to recharge the battery.

Q: Do I have to fully discharge the battery before charging it.
A: No, the battery can be safely charged after a partial discharge.

Q: Should I leave the battery charging indefinitely?
A: Leaving the battery charging will not harm the battery, and it can not over-charge. After about 10 hours, the charging circuitry will turn off (indicated by a solid red charging LED) if the battery is not fully charged. To continue charging the battery, disconnect then immediately reconnect the power source. For summer storage, we recommend disconnecting power. See What is the best way to store LabQuest units over summer vacation?

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: The battery can last the equivalent of 500 full charge cycles (fully charged to fully dead). We expect the battery to last several years under typical use conditions.

Q: Is the battery replaceable?
A: Yes, you can replace the battery if needed. (See LabQuest® 2, LabQuest Stream™, and Go Direct SpectroVis Plus Battery (LQ2-BAT))

Q: Can I turn LabQuest Stream off to conserve battery power?
A: Yes, you turn the unit off by holding the power button down for three seconds, until the Power LED goes off. Additionally, LabQuest Stream will automatically power off after 10 minutes when not connected to a host via Bluetooth or USB.

For additional battery information, see: