In the field of education, innovation comes in many forms. Vernier supports and encourages educators to implement innovative applications of technology in science, math, and engineering education. Part of our mission is to identify, support, and promote innovative practices in math and science education. For examples of innovative uses other educators have sent us, visit

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-Send us your pictures! Including photos of the experimental setup helps others understand how to do a similar experiment with their students. Please send the photos as a separate file. We can’t pull the images if embedded in your document. (Photos that include students will also need a signed photo release form.)
-Provide a brief description of the innovative use (250 words or less).
-For anything that was a challenge, include tips for a teacher to set up the experiment.
-Include sample data. Send us your Logger Pro, LabQuest App, or Graphical Analysis data file. We can’t pull the graphs if embedded in your document.

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