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Celebrating Black History Month

Blazing New Paths In STEM

Black History Month traditionally celebrates the contributions and achievements by Black Americans throughout US history. In this issue of The Caliper, we are celebrating Black education leaders and trailblazers who are changing STEM education for the better—for the students of today and tomorrow.
Media production has always been a passion for Desiree Bayonet. She has used this passion in various ways throughout her accomplished career…
Sharon Delesbore started her career in coaching, then decided to step into the biology classroom in honor of the teacher that changed her life. As she worked her way into leadership roles, she noticed less and less diversity. She decided that she was going to change that…
These Maryland students are the future of STEM. By asking crucial questions and applying what they’ve learned in the classroom, they’ve effected change and…
K–12, College
Building a sustainable, equitable future: a conversation with the Oregon Alliance of Black School Educators.
The award-winning Vernier Graphical Analysis™ Pro app helps you enliven the remote classroom through real-time data sharing, sample experiments, and…
Dr. Shamaria Engram wanted to become an FBI agent, but she fell in love with computer engineering in undergrad. She went on to become the first Black woman to…
Dr. Calvin Mackie, the first Black tenured engineering professor at Tulane University, understands the opportunity education offers historically underserved youth. He’s devoted his career…

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