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Top 5 Stories of 2021

The Caliper: A 37-Year Evolution

As 2021 winds down, see how our newsletter has changed since its original launch and revisit the top five stories of the year.
Top 5 Stories of 2021

#1: Three Must-Watch Videos about Climate Change

Top 5 Stories of 2021

#2: 5 Expert Tips for Using Formative Assessment

Top 5 Stories of 2021

#3: 40 Years in the Making: An Oral History of Vernier

Top 5 Stories of 2021

#4: Latinx Scientists You Should Have Learned About in School

Top 5 Stories of 2021

#5: Working for Diversity in STEM Education

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Native American Heritage Month


What Educators Need to Understand to Fully Support Native Students

K–12, College

Infusing Native Culture into STEM: Spotlight on the Paris Gibson Education Center

K–12, College

How Equitable Broadband Access Supports STEM Learning in Tribal Areas

Exploring the Impact of Climate Change and the Science Behind It


Place-Based Learning: Fighting Climate Change Where You Live

K–12, College

A Wake-Up Call and a Learning Opportunity: Teaching Students About the UN Climate Change Report

K–12, College

Classroom Resources for Examining the Impact of Climate Change

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Dr. Evangelina Villegas


Latinx Scientists You Should Have Learned About in School

Adelante Mujeres

K–12, College

Empowering Ideas for Engaging Latinx Students in STEM

K–12, College

Celebrating Latinx Scientists and Their Work: Resources for Your Classroom

Reigniting STEM Curiosity with Three-Dimensional Learning


Adopting Three-Dimensional Learning with OpenSciEd


Breaking Down Barriers for Remote Learning


Moving to Three-Dimensional Learning

40 Years in the Making: An Oral History of Vernier Software & Technology

Dave and Christine Vernier cutting ribbon at first office outside home
K–12, College

40 Years in the Making: An Oral History of Vernier Software & Technology

John Wheeler headshot
K–12, College

A Guide to Choosing the Right Edtech Partner

Vernier home office circa 1980s
K–12, College

Vernier: An Evolution

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

We talked to educators and administrators who are making a difference in STEM education and helping prepare the next generation of AAPI leaders.

Formative Assessment in the Classroom

We talked to experts about how assessment has changed, how to achieve authentic assessment, and what assessment will look like in the future.

Earth Day

Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time. In honor of Earth Day, this month we talked to educators, engineers, and organizations that are fighting to make the planet a more sustainable place.

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