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The Caliper: September 2022 Edition

K–12, College

Python® and LabQuest®: Opening Up Opportunities for STEM Educators and Students

When you combine Python (a popular coding language) and Vernier sensors, you give your students the opportunity to code beyond the screen by integrating sensor data collection into coursework. And with our new Python support for our LabQuest devices, you and your students can communicate in Python to LabQuest sensors that are connected to a LabQuest interface—combining a powerful data-acquisition device and sensor input with Python.

K–12, College

“Be the Spark that Makes All the Difference”: Addressing Barriers to Latino Representation in STEM with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

We recently sat down with Dr. Kimberly Douglas, chief research and innovation officer at the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, to discuss the current state of—and actions being taken to increase—Latino representation in STEM. Find out how educators are working to address barriers related to affordability of higher education, belongingness, and role models.


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K–12 Spotlight

STEM Innovation

Giving Students Hands-On Experience with the Engineering Design Process

College Spotlight

Science Innovation

Students Making a Meaningful Impact with Chemistry Fieldwork in a Community Garden: A Q&A with Dr. Estelle Lebeau

What's New at Vernier

K–12, College

What’s New at Vernier September 2022

Enjoy this roundup of product announcements, upcoming events, academic journal and media mentions, and other news.

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